Coastal Futures – January 15th to 16th 2020 at the Royal Geographical Society

The Coastal Futures 2020 programme includes:              

The Climate Emergency – How we respond – Coasts on the frontline

  • Climate change and the ocean, IPCC – a call to action – Unstoppable sea level rise
  • Implementing Adaptation – Building Resilience – Working towards Net Zero
  • How Psychology can help us & Communicating Climate change
  • Climate change – what more can you do – Supporting your efforts
  • Coastal Governance and Partnership working – The Coastal Based Approach
  •  Shoreline Management Planning and Action – Coastal Authorities and the Climate Emergency
  • Place based finance to deliver Multiple Benefits & Understanding Collaborative action
  • Offshore wind development, How can it grow? – Reporting Climate change MCCIP
  • Collaborating to tackle Plastic Pollution – Changing the Soundtrack of the Anthropocene
  • A view from Greenland – the ‘ground zero’ for sea level rise

Ocean Recovery and Restoration – Rethinking the agenda

  • What do we want from our marine environment?  Are we doing enough?
  • Brexit uncertainty and opportunity
  • Recognising the importance of marine ecosystems and biodiversity in climate change – Kelp
  • The Environment Bill and Marine planning in Wales and Europe
  • Sustainable fisheries & the Fisheries Bill – Low Impact fisheries
  • Charting the future of inshore fisheries and the developing programmes of inshore management
  • The Highly Protected Marine Area Review – Lessons from large overseas MPAs
  • Net Gain how can it be translated into practice in the marine environment
  • Restoring estuary and coastal habitats
  • Networking with speakers (50+) and delegate from a huge range of organisations -170+