The 30th annual Coastal Futures conference takes place in January 2023. Coastal Futures provides the most comprehensive annual review, briefing and pointer to future trends for coastal and marine practitioners.

Coastal Futures 2023 – Our Ocean and Coastal Future for the Next Decade

Full Programme available here

We are excited to welcome back delegates in-person for the first time in three years. The 2023 programme will include six sessions across two days, covering the major themes which over 400 past delegates have voted for. This year we will also offer a livestream of the conference to engage a wider audience than ever before.

CEOs, Chairs and high level speakers from leading organisations are signed up, including the Environment Agency, CEFAS, Defra, The Crown Estate, industry, academics and NGOs. They will be presenting alongside a strong line-up of influential keynote and sector leads.

All speakers are being encouraged to address our headline theme: Our Ocean and Coastal Future for the Next Decade. Speakers in each session will respond to targeted questions and debate through panel sessions.

1. TACKLING THE CLIMATE CHALLENGE: Working together for our ocean and coasts
What is the future for our ocean and coasts? Speakers will address the challenges and opportunities for adaptation to climate change. They will offer insights into our energy future, our biodiversity future, the future for coastal communities and the best use of evidence to inform our direction.

2. DELIVERING MARINE RESTORATION: Net gain, blue carbon, restoration and rewilding
Do we have the right policy and technical solutions to deliver environmental restoration? Speakers will share the latest policy thinking around net gain and blue carbon, followed by examples of technical solutions for restoration.

3. GOVERNING FOR COMMUNITIES: Integration on the frontline
How can we manage the future of our coast in an integrated way? Speakers will highlight the challenges facing our coastal communities, the value of blue health in the face of adaptation to coastal change, and focus on how to drive integration through collaboration and engagement.

4. FISHERIES MANAGEMENT: The future for UK fisheries and fishing communities
How do we tackle the disparity between aspiration and reality? Speakers will answer this question through updates on Fisheries Management Plans, aquaculture and partnership working between industry, science, NGOs and the seafood supply chain.

5. BALANCING ACT: Strategic compensation and spatial prioritisation
How do we deliver strategic marine resource management in the UK? Speakers will discuss the future for marine planning and how we manage environmental impact strategically, co-existence for offshore wind and fisheries, and what role there is for the UK Marine Strategy.

6. MPAs: From paper to protection
How can governments and stakeholders be mobilised and motivated over the next decade to achieve real ocean protection? Speakers will offer a global, European and UK perspective on how well countries are progressing protection of habitats and species through marine management.

Finally, we will reflect on thirty years of Coastal Futures conferences, led by Bob Earll, and offer ambitions for the next decade.