Coastal Futures CF2022 – Innovation for Ocean Recovery – 18th – 20th January 2022

Version 2nd November 2021

January 18th

Session 1 Coastal Governance     Chair: Amy Pryor, CPN & Natasha Bradshaw

Session 2 Coastal Adaptation       Chair: Rachael Hill, Environment Agency

Session 3 The Environment Bill – The Green Reform programme – The Office for Environmental

Protection – The growing surge of coastal pollution   Chair: Chris Tuckett, MCS

Session 4 Restoring Estuarine and Coastal Habitats (REACH) – Progress

Chair: Roger Proudfoot, Environment Agency

Session 5 Innovation that makes a difference for Ocean Recovery     Chair:tba


January 19th

Session 6  Blue carbon      Chair: Nigel Pontee, Jacobs

Session 7  Restoring Estuarine and Coastal Habitats (REACH)  Developing Learning

Chair: Joanne Preston, Portsmouth University

Session 8   Offshore Wind Expansion – Strategic and spatial considerations – Olivia Thomas, The Crown Estate

Session 9   Co-location options fishing, static & mobile & conservation – How do we achieve this?

David Tudor  The Blue Marine Foundation

Session 10  Regional Delivery Groups – Strategic targets for Net Gain – Resolving what we want   Peter Barham SUDG


January 20th

Session 11   The State of marine biodiversity – how’s is it fairing and what measures are needed?

Chair: Colin Moffat

Session  12  Fisheries: Delivering on the ground for fisheries, climate and the environment 

       Chair: Mark Duffy, Natural England

Session 13  The UK Fisheries – Futures Prospects  Chair: Helen McLachlan WWF

Session 14  MPAs: From Paper Parks to real protection    Chair: Joan Edwards TWT

Session 15  Restoring Estuarine and Coastal Habitats (REACH)   Delivery of Nature Based Solutions at

scale        Chair: Steve Hull ABPmer