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Presentation slides, delegate notes, reports and data from Coastal Futures conferences are available to download here.


  1. Delegate Notes Coastal Futures 2020
  2. Ministerial Speech, Rebecca Pow, Defra
  3. Howard Boyd  Opening address
  4. Rayner  Climate Change and the Ocean – A call to action
  5. Englander  Unstoppable Sea Level Rise Demands Adaptation Now & The View from Greenland
  6. Rose  How Do We Communicate Climate Change
  7. Pahl  How can psychology help with coastal and marine issues?
  8. McKinley & Stafford  Climate Change: Your views
  9. Radford  Coastal Governance and Partnership Working
  10. Pryor  A Coastal Based Approach (CoBA)
  11. Hardiman & Wright Shoreline Management Planning and Action
  12. Balata  Coastal Local Authorities and the Climate Emergency
  13. Horton  Place-Based Funding at the Coast: Principles and Practice
  14. Yates  Ganging up on the problem: the benefits, and challenges, of collaboration
  15. Short Presentations Day 1: Buchan, Chambers, McKinley, Miskin-Hymas, Pepper, Yates-Smith
  16. Apps  Future development and growth in the offshore wind sector
  17. Davey  Is the projected scale of offshore wind development sustainable?
  18. Syvret  Seaweed and Shellfish Farming in Offshore Wind Farms – Co-location Potential
  19. Howes  Marine Climate Change Impacts: Report Card 2020
  20. Hickie  Reducing Plastic Pollution: A Collaborative Approach from Source to Sea
  21. Simpson  Changing the Soundtrack of the Anthropocene
  22. Taylor  Ocean Recovery – Time For A Reset?
  23. Duffy  Do we know – What do we want from our seas?
  24. Benyon  Highly Protected Marine Areas Review
  25. Pettit  Marine Strategy Part One: UK updated assessment and Good Environmental Status
  26. Coates  Welsh National Marine Plan – a perspective on marine planning
  27. Fairgrieve  MSP Challenge
  28. Short Presentations Day 2: Stojanovic, Wright, Evans, Morgan, Humphrey, Spencer, Robertson 
  29. Smale  The importance of UK kelp forests for fisheries habitat, biodiversity, carbon cycling and regional economies
  30. Duncan  Scottish Challenges
  31. McLachlan  The UK Fisheries Bill and sustainable Fisheries – where are we and what needs to happen now?
  32. Williams  Developing criteria for ‘low impact’ fishing
  33. Milliken  Inshore Fisheries – Mapping the Future
  34. Clark  Delivering effective inshore fisheries and conservation management in the Southern IFCA District
  35. Short Presentations Day 2: Ivory, Jones, Byford, Ferguson, Wade, Woods
  36. Barham  SUDG – a perspective on net gain
  37. Proudfoot  Restoring Estuarine & Coastal Habitats






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