The Coastal Futures conference provides the most comprehensive annual review, briefing and pointer to future trends for coastal and marine practitioners.

Coastal Futures

Coastal Futures conferences offer unparalleled networking opportunities with over 750 delegates from  200 organisations across two-days in January every year.  Current and forward-looking issues are presented and debated by leading professionals and practitioners. We collectively look to the future to care for our coasts and seas - encourage collaboration, get up to date, catch up and connect with new  people. 

2024 Content

How delegates describe Coastal Futures conferences:

  • Networking opportunities…. there’s so much energy in the room! 
  • Share knowledge and best practice, be with like-minded people.
  • Open the doors to your future role in the marine world.
  • Positive energy, innovation, making connections, ambition, optimism, togetherness and hope. 
  • Coastal Futures is about real outcomes and friends. 


“It’s my favourite conference” Kath Wellard, Atkins  

“There’s a real desire to collaborate” Alexis Perry, Commercial Director, Environment Bank 

“You get a chance to see everybody’s perspective, it makes you take a step back and look at the whole picture” Sam Fanshawe, Blue Marine Foundation  

“One of the great things about coming to Coastal Futures is the networking opportunity with all the delegates and the conversations we have in the sidelines about a whole range of themes” Roger Proudfoot, Head of Estuaries and Coasts, Environment Agency  

“You soak in everything that’s been going on in the field”  Sangheeta McNair, Natural England 

“It’s great to see the cross-collaboration and energy in the room and hopefully we’ll see much more of that in years to come”  Hugo Tagholm, Oceana  

“An amazing start to the year” Hannah Rudd, Author 

The conferences began in 1994. The title of the first meeting was ‘Marine Environmental Management – Review of Events in 1993 and Future Trends’. The meeting has evolved but the essence of review and future trends remains with its main function being to brief a wide cross section of coastal and marine practitioners on topical issues covering a wide range of sectors.


  • Attendance at Coastal Futures 2024 exceeded 700 delegates from 200+ organisations, with 450 in-person and over 250 online, offering unparalleled networking opportunities.
  • The delegate list will be available on the Coastal Futures website a few days before the event.
  • To be put on the contact list email: jayne.onions@coastms.co.uk

The conference offers:

  • Strong perspectives – from key stakeholders and industry leaders, who take a proactive approach to the sustainability agenda.
  • Reviews – from acknowledged experts in many subjects.
  • Future trends – pointers to future areas of activity which will directly affect your work.
  • Networking – an excellent opportunity to meet those at the forefront of these issues.

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Coastal Futures 2025

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Ethnic Diversity in the Marine and Coastal Sector: research report

Published May 2024, our report highlights the pressing imperative to diversify the marine and coastal practitioner community. The report identifies the need to bring in the perspectives and energy of currently underrepresented groups.

Read the report here

Coastal Futures sets out to:

  • Deliberately bring together different sectors to discuss important developments and concerns.
  • Describe the actual changes that are taking place in the environment that are causing concern and actions being taken to deal with these.
  • Describe the developing programme of legislation and policy which is unfolding to meet these concerns.

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