The annual Coastal Futures Conferences have been running since 1994 and over 600 delegates from 200+ organisations attended the 2022 virtual conference. The conference provides the most effective review, briefing and pointer to future trends in the coastal and marine environment of the year.


Coastal Futures Sponsorship

If you’d like to discuss this further contact Natasha Bradshaw natasha@coastms.co.uk

Well over 50 organisations have sponsored Coastal Futures since its inception.

Below are the sponsorship details for the 2022 virtual conference which in addition to many of the traditional benefits also covered a number of opportunities for an increased online presence during the meeting.  

Benefits of the sponsorship included:

  • Branding package: Your logo will appear on the virtual conference programme, welcome slide, web-page links to your site & attendee notes. There is a banner on the Coastal Futures website with logos and each is linked to the sponsors website.
  • Online – Live Day Sponsors Chat Room: TBC
  • Online – Promotional material videos during the event: TBC
  • Sponsor Content: Available on the website portal for attendees to access and download for 12 months.
  • Chairing sessions: Sponsors often chair the sessions. There will considerable scope to chair sessions during the event. Chairs will attend the conference free.
  • Delegate contact details: You will receive details of the delegates and their organisations a week before the event.


Other Points 

Online Breakout meetings: Often at our meetings in the past sponsors have convened private meetings with delegates to coincide with the main event. We would be happy to talk to you about this should want to organise meetings of delegates to discuss particular issues. This may incur additional costs and is not included as part of the standard package.

The conference audience – Getting your message across:    The attendance at the conference over the last few years has exceeded 350 delegates from 140+ organisations, so this provides a very effective way of getting your message to a wide cross section of the coastal and marine community. Links to your organisation are included in the conference promotional mailings as soon as you become a sponsor.

Training:   The conference covering a very wide range of current issues and I’ve often been told that organisations find this a very cost effective way of bringing new staff in particular, up to speed on current thinking.