Clyde 2020: What do we want and how can we achieve this?

David Mallon
Marine Scotland,Head of Marine Environment

T: 0131 244 1560

Isabel Glasgow
Chair, Clyde Forum,

T: 07908 191976

Marine Scotland is a Directorate of The Scottish Government and is responsible for the integrated management of Scotland’s seas. Marine Scotland’s purpose is to manage Scotland’s seas for prosperity and environmental sustainability, working closely with our key delivery partners including Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). Marine Scotland includes policy, science and compliance functions for marine planning, environment, fisheries and a range of other marine activities. Marine Scotland has been working in partnership with the Clyde Forum to progress the Clyde 2020 initiative. Clyde 2020 provides an umbrella to better co-ordinate existing work and take forward work on key gaps in knowledge or on the ground initiatives with the aim of improving the Clyde ecosystem.

The origins for the Clyde 2020 initiative lay in scientific debate about the state of the Firth of Clyde’s ecosystem and the aim of improving the situation. In 2010 scientific work by York University stimulated media interest in the state of the Clyde ecosystem, including a BBC Panorama programme in 2010. Subsequently, Marine Scotland Science (MSS) undertook a review of the Clyde ecosystem. The University of Strathclyde also commenced work on the issue of the ecological status of the Clyde. The conclusions pointed to a major ecological impact of fishing in the Clyde.

The Clyde 2020 Summit was called by Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Mr Richard Lochhead MSP, as part of the Scottish Government’s commitment to a programme of measures that will identify, test and implement practical actions which may contribute to the renewal of the Clyde marine ecosystem.

The summit was attended by over 100 organisations and interested parties including Members of the Scottish Parliament. The summit was organised by the Firth of Clyde Forum which was tasked by Marine Scotland to do this work as an independent organisation focused on marine planning and integrated coastal zone management in the Firth of Clyde. The South West Inshore Fisheries Group was also involved.

The summit developed a common vision, research and science needs and proposals for on the ground measures. The discussions were based on the following approaches:

  • Everyone has an important role to play in helping to take forward the Clyde 2020 programme and deliver our shared vision
  • In developing that vision it’s time to be imaginative, look forward, and work together
  • Ministers are committed to working with stakeholders to improve the Clyde ecosystem through the Clyde 2020 programme. That will involve bringing together marine planning, environmental, fisheries and other key interests

The outputs from the summit and more recent stakeholder workshops are being used to produce a Clyde 2020 Action Plan. The approaches outlined above will also be used in developing and implementing the action plan. Governance arrangements for the initiative are being established including a Clyde 2020 steering group. See: