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Storm impacts on the seabed in protected and fished areas Emma Sheehan

Emma Sheehan 2015 Storms and the Seabed MPAs by Coastal Futures

Inspiring Images – Observations in 2014 Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones 2015 Events & Observations by Coastal Futures

The developing outcomes of rat eradication programmes on south-west islands Paul St Pierre

Paul St Pierre 2015 Rat Eradication Islands Seabirds by Coastal Futures

Ocean front metrics for understanding foraging locations of gannets and basking sharks Miller and Scales

Peter Miller & Kylie Scales 2015 Fronts Foraging Gannets Basking Sharks by Coastal Futures

Remote Vehicles trials to measure multi-trophic level interactions Russell Wynn

Russell Wynn 2015 Remote Vehicles Multi-trophic Level Interactions by Coastal Futures

What is site integrity? Applying current ecological knowledge to evolving marine policy Sian Rees

Sian Rees 2015 MPA Site Integrity by Coastal Futures

Jellyfish records Citizen science Stephen Pikesley

Stephen Pikesley 2015 Jellyfish by Coastal Futures

From Observation to action – the impacts of lost fishing gear on grey seals Sue Sayer & Bex Allen

Sue Sayer & Bex Allen 2015 Seals & Net Entanglement by Coastal Futures

The status of basking sharks in the south west Tom Horton CWT

Tom Horton 2015 Basking Sharks

SW Marine Ecosystems 2015 Delegate Notes

SWME 2015 Delegate Notes