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South West Plankton Abigail McQuatters-Gollop

Abigail McQuatters-Gollop 2015 Plankton

Events and Observations – Delegate Feedback on 2015

SWME15 Delegate Feedback CATEGORY Order PDF1

Intertidal Discovery – Results of Recent Survey Carolyn Waddell

Carolyn Waddell 2015 Cornwall Intertidal Survey

The south west Fulmar project Alice Trevail

Alice Trevail 2015 Fulmar Project by Coastal Futures

Events & Observations 2014 Bob Earll & Duncan Jones

Bob Earll & Duncan Jones 2015 Welcome Events by Coastal Futures

Overfishing and the replacement of demersal finfish with shellfish Carolotta Molfese & Jason Hall-Spencer

Carlotta Molfese & Jason Hall-Spencer 2015 Fishing Down the Food Chain by Coastal Futures

The Coastal Code – Practical Guidance for south-west species Carolyn Waddell

Carolyn Waddell 2015 the Coastal Code by Coastal Futures

Skate and ray populations in the south west Cat Gordon and John Richardson

Cat Gordon & John Richardson 2015 Skate by Coastal Futures

Seals and Shipping Noise Clare Embling

Clare Embling 2015 Seals & Shipping Noise by Coastal Futures

The ecology of porpoises – Bob Earll, Duncan Jones, Niki Clear, Dave Jenkins

Earll, Jones, Clear, Jenkins 2015 Porpoises by Coastal Futures